Professional spray solutions based on mineral wool.

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ADW 2003 M

Universal machine for blowing, designed for pneumatic transport of cellulose materials, glass, basalt and wood wools as well as styrofoam granules. It has a CE mark.
Basic advantages:

  • versatility
  • low bulk weight of transported materials (material passing through a transport fan undergoes good aeration and homogenization)
  • quiet work
  • simple and easy operation using electric switches
  • protection against blocking the pipe
  • mobility
  • precise dispenser and fan speed control using vector inverters.

Technical data PDF



Weight 230 kg
Height 151 cm
Width 65 cm
Length 195 cm
Output ca. 400 kg
Usage Glass wool, ­Stone wool, ­Cellulose, ­EPS, ­Spraying cellulose
Required power supply 3 x 400 V
Input power 6 KW



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