Professional spray solutions based on mineral wool.

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A versatile blowing machine for pneumatic transport of cellulose materials, glass, basalt, wood wool, EPS granulate. A high-performance, high-pressure machine(material is dosed into compressed air). Thanks to the applied PLC the machine has the possibility to work together with a blowing plate. By using a PLC, the machine can also work with compressors or pumps that need to be switched on and off in a programmed sequence, or there is a need to programmatically change the amount of fed material or air. It is possible to program air pulsation, material feeding pulsation and it enables the connection of a sensor for lack of material in the hopper (option).

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Weight 410 kg
Height 145 cm
Width 92 cm
Length 172 cm
Output ca. 2200 kg/h
Usage Glass wool, ­Stone wool, ­Cellulose, ­Wood fibre, ­EPS
Required power supply 3 x 400 V
Input power 15KW





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