Professional spray solutions based on mineral wool.

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A machine with very high functionality, specialized for thermal and acoustic wet spraying of cellulose materials as well of glass wool and for dry blowing of cellulose materials, glass and stone wools. It has the ability to directly connecting with additional AB 2015 blowers in a serial or parallel configuration. In case of a serial connection, we increase the blow pressure so that we can blow wool through nozzles with a diameter of 12 mm. With a parallel connection, we have the option of blowing wood wool into closed spaces and their perfect density or we can increase the efficiency by blowing of heavy stone wools.

The machine has 2 additional 230 V outputs, one for connecting additional AB 2015 blowers, the other for connecting the pump for glue solution for wet spraying. Power supply from 3*400 V three-phase network.

Basic advantages:

  • quiet work
  • simple and easy operation using electric switches
  • protection against blocking the pipe
  • mobility
  • precise dispenser and fan speed control using vector inverters
  • versatility

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Weight 330 kg
Height 153 cm
Width 70 cm
Length 150 cm
Output ca. 900 kg
Usage Glass wool, ­Stone wool, ­Cellulose, ­EPS, ­Spraying glass wool
Required power supply 2 x 230 V
Input power max. 10 KW



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