Proper acoustic protection is the key to comfortable indoor living. Excessive noise is extremely harmful to health. That is why for several years Terex has been providing services in acoustic protection by the spraying method. Acoustic plasters can be applied directly to walls and ceilings. Thanks to the use of this technology, one can obtain a level of sound absorption up to 60% depending on the thickness of the coating. The benefits include:

  • Possibility to achieve a high degree of sound damping
  • Short completion time
  • In addition to sound absorption, these plasters are fireproof
  • The materials used are safe for health
  • The possibility of painting the coating with topcoats in any colour
  • The sprayed plaster can be adapted to the shapes of the protected object

Good acoustic conditions are very important in such buildings as:

  • schools
  • factories
  • cinemas
  • offices
  • concert halls
  • congress halls
  • shopping centres
  • historic buildings
  • and many others

We are the authorized contractor for MERCOR SA and PROMAT TOP Sp. z o. o. We also work with other producers of insulation materials such as RUAUD and PROJISO.