TEREX also offers fire protection coatings for steel and reinforced concrete structures by painting with special intumescent paints. This is an alternative method to spraying cement-cellulose mixtures, and one that pays off in up to R60 fire protection class structures.

Intumescent paints constitute a fire-retardant insulation that can provide steel elements with fire resistance of up to R60. Their action is based on an increase in the volume of the coating under the influence of high temperatures. Low heat penetration and volume change increase the massivity factor of the protected element, and the coating thus creates the required fire resistance for the structure.

The main advantages of intumescent paints are:

  • easy coating of elements that are difficult to reach and have various shapes;
  • possibility of choosing colours;
  • low investment costs;
  • speed of completing the investment.

We are the authorized contractor for MERCOR S.A. and PROMAT TOP Sp. z o.o.