Thermal insulation of buildings by the blow-in method consists in blowing loose insulating materials such as mineral wool, wood wool and cellulose materials into spaces that are confined and hard to reach. Insulation by blow-in is a fast and cheap method.

Up to 30% of an entire building’s heat escapes through the roof, so insulation of the building’s loft using this method results in a very rapid increase in temperature in the rooms located directly beneath an insulated roof. The work associated with this method is not burdensome for building residents. This type of work can be performed in virtually all weather conditions. The speed of the work carried out depends on the amount of preparation work needed, the building’s construction, and the insulation blowing machine’s capacity.

Using this method we can insulate:

  • Ventilated roofs
  • Cavity walls with an air gap
  • Framework houses
  • Flooring installed on joists

This method is also used to sound dampen walls made of plasterboard, areas above suspended ceilings and other enclosed spaces.

TEREX has insulated more than 1,000,000 m² with the blow-in method, which has enabled us to gain considerable experience and know-how necessary to carry out this type of work.

We have authorizations and commercial agreements with all large producers of insulating materials, including: PAROC, URSA, ISOVER, ROCKWOOL and KNAUF.