Uninsulated basement ceilings can contribute to 20% of all heat loss throughout an entire building. In this way, expensive energy is wasted, and the building’s users are exposed to discomfort, while those managing the building are faced with the high costs of insulating it. We carry out spraying of basement ceilings for small buildings, large blocks, and ceilings of underground car parks. Spray application of thermal insulation coating is one of the best options for this type of protection.

-The sprayed materials have fireproof and thermal properties
-The sprayed material is maintenance-free
-The coating is resistant to chemical and biological corrosion
-It is possible to protect even hard-to-reach places
-The work carried out is not burdensome for residents
-The work can be performed all year round
-Speed ​​of execution
-The finished surface can be painted with a topcoat

We are the authorized contractor for MERCOR SA and PROMAT TOP Sp. z o. o. We also work with other producers of insulation materials such as RUAUD and PROJISO.