In addition to the production of machines for wet spraying and blowing of various granalutes and the provision of services in the field of thermal insulation, fire protection and acoustic protection of various buildings, we also provide rental services for machines manufactured by us.


  • Insulation blowing machines,
  • Wet spraying machines for cement materials, cellulose, thermal materials.
  • Necessery equipment for dry and wet spraying.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience.

Insulation dry blowing machines:

ADW 2010 

Universal machine, highly efficient for blowing glass wools, stone wools, cellulose. It perfectly copes with blowing granules into roof slants, with loose embankment. Has the recommendations of manufacturers such as Knauf, Paroc and Ursa.

ADW 2010 HDS:

The ADW 2010 HDS machine is dedicated to wood fiber materials. It also copes well with other materials such as glass wool, stone wool, cellulose or polystyrene. It is recommended by STEICO.

Wet spraying machines:

ADW 2012 HD

The best cement mixes spraying machine on the market. Due to its modern and well-thought-out construction, it allows very even work, which ensures high quality of applied fire-retardant plasters. The machine also copes well with cellulose. Has the recommendations of Mercor and Promat.

ADW 2014

Single-phase cement spraying machine. Light and mobile machine. Has the recommendations of Mercor and Promat.