About company Terex

Our company is involved in the professional production of insulation blowing and damp spray machines, as well as comprehensive maintenance: our trained teams operate these machines on the customer’s premises, and we also rent the machines out and service them.

We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and customers throughout Europe. We can boast hundreds of machines sold and many recommendations from companies such as PAROC Polska, ISOVER, URSA and PROMAT, which prove top quality of our products.

Thousands of cubic metres have been filled with thermal / fireproof / soundproof insulation by our qualified staff, all of whom have undergone appropriate training and are ready to meet all challenges.

Please be invited to do business with us. Our cooperation will most surely bring mutual benefits!

Why us?

We are a company that, in addition to producing machines, also actively operates them. Due to our presence at both ends of the chain, we can learn first-hand what the customers need, what possibilities they expect and what is of key importance for them. We are constantly involved in ensuring quality of our machines and precision of their manufacture.